3 Reasons to Consider Golf Lessons in WNY

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With the weather starting to get colder, you’re probably not thinking too much about your golf game. But the offseason is a great time to build on your base of knowledge and take further lessons to improve your golf game. Think of professional athletes, they’re not taking the time in-season to build their skillset, they’re doing it in the offseason when they can perfect the new skill and use it later. 

Without further ado, here are a few reasons to think about taking golf lessons this offseason in WNY.

You’re New to the Sport

Like with any sport or skill, there are good habits and poor habits in golf. If you’re a new player, you’d be unsure if the habits you’re developing are good or bad. That’s where lessons come in. 

As a new player, you’d be unsure about how to hit the ball, how to hold the club, and more. Our expert instructors are uniquely situated to teach you and elevate your game to the next level.

Getting an Opinion on Your Equipment

Another benefit for new players in getting Woods to Wedges top-level instruction is our experts can give you their opinion on your gear. If you’re new, you don’t know if the clubs you got are in good condition, the right size, or the quality. All the information can be overwhelming, and that’s not even getting into the different kinds of clubs, wedges and drivers! 

Even if you’re not new, gettin an expert’s opinion on your current equipment can be indispensable. After all, using the top-of-the line equipment isn’t totally necessary. However, if your clubs are getting to the point where they’d be going through puberty if they were a human, it may be time to consider that upgrade.

You’re Out of Practice

For us in Buffalo, there are at least a few months every year that we can’t go out and play a round of golf. You can probably power our way through a game on sheer muscle memory, but it won’t go well and your score will suffer.

When you practice, you build a deeper sense of understanding what it is you’re doing. If you end that practice and enough time passes, that skill fades. Think about it like this – you probably can’t run a mile as fast as you could when in school, or throw a baseball as hard, or do your old calculus homework. You don’t need the skill in your day to day life, and so it diminishes. Golf lessons are perfect to help you rebuild that intuition and skill.

Improve Your Golf Game Today!

Check out our golf lessons page today to see how our PGA instructors can help you elevate your game. And don’t forget to check out our Facebook page to see what we’re up to next. 

Speaking of keeping tabs on us here at Woods to Wedges, bookmark our blog page so you can keep coming back for more golf info! Your best golf starts here in Buffalo, NY so don’t wait! 

Book your personal golf lessons with our expert instructors today! Visit us at the Wehlre Golf Dome, email us at info@woodstowedges.com, or give us a call at 716-632-3021 to get started.


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