Drawing Your Eye- Where to Focus with Different Club Types for More Accurate Shots

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Hello and welcome back to the Woods to Wedges news page! We like to give the golfers of WNY some quick tips to improve their golf game here, and today’s post is no different. Instead of talking about our incredible golf lessons or why getting custom-fit clubs is a great idea though, we’re going to cover a tip that isn’t thought of too often. Where the heck should you be focusing your eyes on the ball?

Improving your focus will help you all over the course, you could improve your distance, cut down on your hook or slice, increase the effectiveness of your chip shots and enhance your putting accuracy. You’re probably over the preamble by now – so lets hop into the thick of it.

Changing your focus point on the ball can dramatically increase your performance all over the course. While golf is played over hundreds of yards, the smallest tweaks in your approach and swing often are what have the largest impact.

Where To Shift Your Focus for Different Club Types

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When using an iron, how you’re hitting the ball is relevant to where you need to have your focus. If you find yourself constantly undershooting the green, try to look more to the front of the ball, towards your target. If your shots tend to sail over the green, look more to the impact zone where the club strikes the ball. 


Your approach with a driver should be different than your approach with irons. Think about it – the aim of what you’re trying to do with drivers and irons is usually different. What you’re focusing on in a drive is similar to what the MLB focuses on for home runs – velocity, launch angle, and distance.  To improve that launch angle, you want to hit up on the ball, looking more towards the back of it. This should assist in longer, straighter drives with an improved swing. 

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