Fitting FAQs

We fit golfers of all abilities. The higher your handicap the more important it is to start the game with properly fit equipment and the more likely you are to see a noticeable change in distance , accuracy and scoring.

Each fitting takes about an hour.

Custom orders take approximately 10 business days.

Three variables we have that set us apart are:

  1. Technology – All our fittings are conducted with the Trackman Launch Monitor, the trusted device used by the best players in the world. Trackman is accurate to 3’ at 300 yards.
  2. Selection – We offer over 30,000 shaft and head combinations enabling us to custom fit golfers of all abilities.
  3. Knowledge – All of the data is great but knowing how to interpret it is what makes the difference. All our fitters are either PGA Professionals or Trackman Certified fitters with years of fitting experience.

We carry all the major club brands. Including Callaway, Cleveland, Cobra, Mizuno, Ping, PXG, Titleist, and Taylor Made.

Yes. We prefer to start each fitting using your current clubs as a baseline that way at the end of the fitting we can show you the improvements you can expect from your new clubs.

No. All our fittings are conducted indoors. We believe that the controlled environment inside makes for more accurate fittings.

No. You may pay for a fitting and leave with the specs. If you purchase the clubs from us we will credit 50% of the fee towards purchase as long as it is made within 30 days of your fitting.

We stand behind our fitting recommendations. We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee with all our fittings.

Instruction FAQs

Yes. Our lessons are given in our private studios utilizing Trackman and video analysis. For those more serious about taking their game to the next level we offer monthly coaching programs.

Yes. All sessions are recorded and may be played back for review.

Yes. We use both face on and down the line video analysis.

Monthly coaching programs are designed for those players serious about their game looking to make long term improvements through lessons and practice.

Lessons are for players who are looking for a short term “fix”.

Yes. We offer hourly and monthly rates.

Club Repair FAQs

Yes. We have over 100 styles of grips in stock to choose from. 1 day service

Yes. We can reshaft a broken club or upgrade the shaft in your current clubs.

Yes. We can shorten or lengthen your clubs.

Yes. Certificates can be purchased in any denomination and used for any of our product or services.

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