Setting Good Goals In Your Buffalo, NY Golf Lessons

W2W Nov 22

Setting healthy, achievable goals in life is a major component to success. It’s no different on the golf course! Here at Woods to Wedges, with our expert golf instructors, you’ll recognize and be able to set goals for yourself to improve your golf game. 

Welcome back to the blog here at Woods to Wedges, the best golf superstore in Buffalo! Today, we’re going to run through setting good, healthy goals for your golf game. But these tips won’t only be useful in golf, you can take them anywhere! 

Setting your goals in the offseason is the perfect time to get it done. While you can’t get out there and play every few days, you can get to the range and hit some balls with purpose and instruction in mind so that you can translate your success to the course.

What is a Goal? 

A goal is something you want to work towards but don’t currently have. You work to get it in the future, and you can apply the lessons to life in a broader sense. Also, it can be a great lesson to instill in your kids! Having guidelines and/or tools can effectively help you communicate your goals and make you feel comfortable about reaching them.

Guidelines for Setting a Reachable Goal During Your Golf Lessons

Have a Positive Goal

You don’t want to frame your goal in a way that forces a negative mindset. For example, a goal such as “I want to take a stroke off my game” is better than “I don’t want to slice every drive I take”. So much of golf is mental, and if you set a goal with a negative framing you’re setting up to fail.

Your Goal is Important to You

Your goal needs to be something that you want. You can’t make your goal to be for someone else. You should be able to articulate why you want to achieve that goal and why it will make a difference. For example, “I want to add 15 more yards to my drive so I can breathe easier on my chip shots” is better than “Jerry from accounting told me to add 15 yards to my drive”.

The Goal is Specific 

The more specific your goal is, the better. That’s because a specific goal is easier to visualize and build the steps to work towards it. If your goal is vague, then you are going to struggle with where to start in reaching it. You want to know exactly what it is you’re working towards, after all! 

The Goal is Something You Can Control

The goal needs to be something that you can influence the outcome of. It can’t be something that’s just “left up to fate” or plain dumb luck. Winning the lottery isn’t a goal and it isn’t something you can influence, for example. Learning how to drive a stick shift car, or picking up a new language or skill, is.  

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