WE ARE OPEN - Schedule Your Fitting or Lesson

Is it safe for me to attend my fitting or lesson?

In short yes, with the following protocols in place there should be security knowing that the fitting or lesson can be conducted in a safe effective manner: 

  • We have reduced the number of clients to 1 person per fitting or lesson
  • Maintaining minimum of 6′ social distancing
  • Enforcing that staff does NOT shake hands with customers or other employees
  • Requiring staff and customers to wear a mask
  • Requiring staff and customers to use hand sanitizer prior to every fitting, lesson or customer engagement
  • Staff goes thru a wellness check everyday before beginning work
  • We have increased the time between each fitting or lesson in order to clean and sanitize the fitting studio and fitting components
  • Sneeze Guards at checkout
  • Limiting number of customers in the store at one time

If you are experiencing any flu like symptoms we will reschedule your fitting or lesson. Please call to cancel prior to your appointment.

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