Three Reasons Why You Should Get Personally Fitted Golf Clubs here in Buffalo

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Hello and welcome back to the blog here at Woods to Wedges, home of the best golf in WNY! As we’re sure you’re aware, we were named among America’s Best Glubfitters by GolfDigest in 2021. Today, we wanted to dip into some of that knowledge that has us recognized as among the best in the nation and share some reasons why getting personally fitted golf clubs is a good idea.

Golf clubs that are personally fitted to your unique swing, game, and body type are invaluable tools in your belt. Your clubs can provide you with a number of benefits such as increased accuracy, distance, and control. 

Three Benefits of Personally Fitted Golf Clubs

Accuracy and Control

Clubs that are not correctly fitted to your swing can cause the ball to sail off course in wild slices or hooks. Those slices and hooks can and will result in missed shots and higher scores. However, with correct, custom-fit golf clubs, you can help get the club better aligned to the ball and hit the ball more squarely. This gets you hitting the ball more consistently in the same spot, resulting in better accuracy on your shots. 

Related to your accuracy is your control. When your clubs aren’t properly fit, it increases the difficulty of controlling the shape and trajectory of your swing and shot. Personally fitted golf clubs help you control the direction and flight path of the ball more, which gets you through the course more efficiently for a lower score.

trackman golf club fitting. Trackman technology allows our instructors to get your your best personally fitted golf clubs


Clubs that are too long or short for your swing can cause less power in your shots. That leads to less distance on the fairway, which also results in more strokes on your game. Custom-fit golf clubs that are personally suited to your swing and height gets you more speed through your swing, which ends up generating more power when hitting the ball, making it go further. 


When your clubs aren’t properly fit for your unique swing, game, and body type it can cause discomfort and lead to injury. This is even more true if the club is too heavy or the grips are too small. Our custom-fit golf clubs can help make playing more comfortable and enjoyable. After all, golf is a game and meant to be fun. 

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