Why And When To Regrip Your Golf Clubs

variety of golf club shafts

As the golf season approaches and we are taking our clubs out of the basement or garage, and readying our bags for the golf season, one of the most overlooked items is your golf grip. The grip is your only contact with the golf club. Slick or worn grips can cause you control and accuracy problems.

There are several reasons to regrip your clubs. Grips become worn, cracked and slick resulting in decreased consistency. Grips are available in different sizes from junior to jumbo to better fit different hand sizes or physical limitations. Different grip materials are available to suit personal feel preferences or playing conditions.

We are often asked how often to regrip your clubs. When your grips begin to show signs of wear such as dry cracked surfaces, shiny surfaces, wear marks especially around the thumbs, loss of tackiness or inconsistent sizing would be an indication that it is time to regrip. Depending on the grip material the general rule of thumb would be about every 30-40 rounds.

New grips will improve your club’s performance through increased traction and control throughout the golf swing, leading to increased confidence and lower scores. We have over 100 grip styles to choose from. The professional staff at Woods to Wedges can regrip your set and have them ready for you the next day.


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