Why do you need golf instruction?

golf ball and golf club
Golf is a game and it should be something that we enjoy doing. The greatest round of golf you have had was probably the most fun you had on the golf course. Being able to beat your friends in a round of golf is always a great feeling. Bragging rights at the nineteenth hole, over a cold drink, never gets old. Talking about the birdies you had or that perfect shot that came off just like you planned. That is what keeps us coming back to this fantastic game. If we are not hitting the ball to the best of our abilities, we need someone to help us make some corrections. At some point in our golf journey, we will all need a little direction. Any golfer, from a tour pro to a beginner, can benefit from a PGA Professionals expertise. Today’s golf lessons utilize advanced technology, such as, Trackman and video to help every golfer see exactly what is going on in their golf swing. The data that we get from our Trackman launch monitor, gives the student and the instructor solid feedback when making changes to the golfers swing. In my opinion, golf instruction is much more effective when combining a trained eye with technology and video. The days of taking a golf lesson with a pro standing behind and telling you what is going on are obsolete. We all need to get golf lessons, from time to time, in order to allow us to have more fun. It is no fun to go out and hit the ball all over the place. We will help you get your swing back on track and the game will be fun again.

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